Intelligent Manufacturing

Intelligent Manufacturing

Take your manufacturing production to the next level

Intelligent manufacturing takes your manufacturing production to the next level by introducing intelligent machine automation and placing data-aware controls on the factory floor.

We place the automation controls and business intelligence in your hands to develop an intelligent manufacturing floor for your company.

There are typically several opportunities for any factory to improve plant production output and efficiencies. Improved manufacturing automation increases the throughput of products at a reduced assembly cost. Since labor and raw materials are typically the most significant expense for many manufacturers, investment in manufacturing automation can directly and immediately improve profit margins for many years to come.


  • Improve production output – meet more sales demand
  • Improve profit margins – reduce manufacturing costs
  • Improved up times – Production line and material automation limits and in some cases eliminate raw material reloading time
  • Reduce change over time – optimize equipment and labor utilization
  • Improve material forecasting – reduce material understock and overstock
  • Reduced maintenance costs – minimize scrap

Benefits of Our Services

IAS improves ROI and efficiency in several areas
We help improve manufacturing productivity, reduce downtime, and replace at-risk control systems.

Why Choose IAS Engineering Services?
IAS custom designs solutions specifically for your business.
We perform free system surveys to help you identify opportunities for system improvements, efficiency upgrades and down-time improvements.

Our goal is to become your partner on your journey to business growth.