Energy Management

Energy Management & Automation

IAS provides automated solutions for controlling energy consumption costs which directly contributes dollars back to your bottom line

A 2011 Department of Energy study revealed that HVAC contributes 40% of energy costs for commercial buildings. Cutting this figure in half could lower energy costs by 20%.
IAS provides automated controls to optimize energy for lighting, boilers, water chillers, as well as major energy consuming equipment or appliances.
The payoff of increased efficiency is fewer service calls because you will be able to monitor equipment and adjust energy zones as needed to run your business.

More plants are under pressure to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. One of the quickest ways to reduce energy consumption is to conduct an energy audit. The first step to saving energy is to measure and understand the usage.
IAS uses energy audits to create a control plan to automate and optimize energy consumption for scheduled times and zones. During idle production periods, energy can be scaled down or turned off until needed again by the manufacturing process.
For example, conveyor motors can turn off and on only when needed by the production line. Smart control modules track and run efficient processes by powering lines only when energy is required.

Many plants see a 15% savings after implementing solutions to satisfy energy audit findings. Some beneficial byproducts of optimizing core processes are increases in efficiency and greater manufacturing capacity.

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  • Reduce energy costs
  • Improve productivity with a variable speed “just in time” processing flow
  • Reduce maintenance costs with more efficient equipment operation
  • Improve profit margins

Benefits of Our Services

IAS improves ROI and efficiency in several areas
We help improve manufacturing productivity, reduce downtime, and replace at-risk control systems.

Why Choose IAS Engineering Services?
IAS custom designs solutions specifically for your business.
We perform free system surveys to help you identify opportunities for system improvements, efficiency upgrades and down-time improvements.

Our goal is to become your partner on your journey to business growth.