Food & Beverage Automation

Food & Beverage Automation

IAS designs automation systems that help you keep up with consumer demand and product consistency

That means consistent quality for your customers and increased efficiency to boost your bottom line.

Our team custom designs solutions using fully integrated packaging systems for maximum productivity of your manufacturing facility. We specialize in Allen-Bradley automated solutions for packaging machinery, manufacturing, and controls with specific requirements for the food and beverage industry.

Our intelligent systems use a state of the art network of control based systems to keep line speed and capacity running at optimal levels.
By using ControlLogix networked systems by Allen Bradley, we can provide flexible manufacturing lines that bottle and package in variable amounts in materials such as cork, screwcap, and crown-sealed bottles.

Intelligent systems replace old manufacturing cells that cannot communicate with downstream line processing.
By detecting irregularities during processing or packaging, you can improve quality control and reduce the number of goods that contain questionable ingredients from entering into the marketplace. Connected systems provide end-to-end traceability for better reporting.

Automation is often used to shield human labor from dangerous or highly repetitive tasks better suited for high-speed automation. Your company can benefit from increased efficiency and improved safety conditions in your production environment.


  • Improve production output – meet more sales demand
  • Improve profit margins – reduce manufacturing costs
  • Improved up times – Production line and material automation limits and in some cases eliminate raw material reloading time
  • Reduce change over time – optimize equipment and labor utilization
  • Improve material forecasting – reduce material understock and overstock
  • Reduced maintenance costs – minimize waste

Benefits of Our Services

IAS improves ROI and efficiency in several areas
We help improve manufacturing productivity, reduce downtime, and replace at-risk control systems.

Why Choose IAS Engineering Services?
IAS custom designs solutions specifically for your business.
We perform free system surveys to help you identify opportunities for system improvements, efficiency upgrades and down-time improvements.

Our goal is to become your partner on your journey to business growth.