Manufacturing Automation

Manufacturing Automation Systems

Automation is the most powerful tool that allows manufacturers to improve productivity and increase efficiency

Without automated manufacturing systems, factory output would be vastly reduced. Employees would need to work twice as hard in an entire day to achieve what automation can produce in just an hour.

End-to-end automation can double or triple production compared to plants that use limited automation or rely on manual human labor.
Even small companies can benefit from the groundbreaking innovation that automation can deliver and transform the way companies manufacture their products.

With the right maintenance and quality program, increased production enables companies to provide a significantly higher volume of customer orders within the same time span and plant footprint.

The two most significant costs in manufacturing are usually labor and raw materials. Waste in either one of these critical areas can mean the difference between delivering a profit margin or a loss on the balance sheet.

Another hidden area with a significant potential for added expenses is workplace injury claims. Expensive injury claims and paid recovery leave are both avoidable scenarios with the right equipment safeguards and employee safety training.

IAS can assist you in both areas by auditing your current automation environment and employee training levels to help protect your company from large insurance claims or lawsuits.

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Benefits of Our Services

IAS improves ROI and efficiency in several areas
We help improve manufacturing productivity, reduce downtime, and replace at-risk control systems.

Why Choose IAS Engineering Services?
IAS custom designs solutions specifically for your business.
We perform free system surveys to help you identify opportunities for system improvements, efficiency upgrades and down-time improvements.

Our goal is to become your partner on your journey to business growth.