iAS Custom PLC Training Courses

PLC Training Courses From iAS

Improve your company’s ROI with IAS Custom PLC Training

iAS training courses are custom designed for your specific applications

iAS provides many value-added custom training courses. We offer training for virtually every automation segment and manufacturing industry.
Our courses are custom designed for your specific applications. iAS training provides immediate value and impact for your operation. Our goal is to be a long term partner on your journey to great success.

We provide the following types of training:

  • PLC Basic: Introduction to Ladder Logic and PLC communicstions  Learn More >
  • PLC Intermediate: intermediate logic instructions, Remote I/O and messaging  Learn More
  • PLC Advanced: advanced instruction sets, function blocks, instruction list, SFC and structured text  Learn More >
  • PLC Safety Training: Learn More >
  • PLC Network Strategies, ModBus TCP and Ethernet/IP Methodologies
  • PLC and Troubleshooting for Maintenance Technicians
  • Introduction to Factory Talk View or other Mfg. HMI software
  • Advanced Factory Talk View or other Mfg. HMI software
  • 10 Step Troubleshooting Method for maintenance, operations and engineering
  • Custom Classroom equipment and Lab Topics for Maintenance and Automation

Benefits of iAS Training Courses

We use a personalized approach designed specifically for your automation needs
Personalized training improves ROI and system productivity.
Additional benefits include greater efficiency and development of your employees.
Our custom training is perfect for the new-hire as well, as the seasoned in-house expert.

Why Choose iAS?

iAS custom designs programs specifically for your business
We provide hands-on training programs for superior results and improved employee retention. Boring lecture and on-line (computer based) formats can lose employee focus in a short amount of time. We use your existing equipment and process scenarios for training labs. These employee-assisted developmental class solutions and processes provide immediate benefits for your company’s efficiency and profitability.