Advanced PLC Training Classes

PLC Avanced Training Classes

PLC Training Customized For Your Operation

This training course teaches advanced PLC programming concepts.
The course is designed for employees with prior experience in PLC programming.
It is an excellent option to improve knowledge on PLC programming and troubleshooting skills.

Prerequisites for this course: Students must have taken the Intermediate PLC Training Course.

Advanced PLC Course Curriculum Sample:

  • Advanced PLC troubleshooting concepts to fix programs and process failures
  • Create customized programs for your plant operation
  • Learn to scale multiple analog inputs
  • Learn Sequencing and Batch Sequence methods and customized usage
  • Learn to program HMI panels and functions
  • Networking with ethernet wired, wireless and PLC addressing
  • Networking with multiple PLC’s – master/slave concepts
  • Learn to use/interface multiple types of photoeyes, encoders, and proximity switches
  • Control motor speeds from a master PLC to slave with ethernet or other communication methods

Benefits of iAS Adanced PLC Training:

Your employees will be able to install and maintain PLC’s with greater efficiency

Improved ROI
Automation efficiencies with our lean manufacturing concepts offer immediate benefits. Increased throughput allows companies to meet demand utilizing the same resources which helps to increases profit margins.

Better employee retention
Employees gain new skills to add value and efficiencies for your company. Employees are more satisfied when they have opportunities for personal growth. When recognized for contributing greater value this becomes a “win-win” proposition.

Why Choose iAS?

iAS custom designs programs specifically for your business
We provide hands-on training programs for better retention. Lecture formats can lose employee focus in a short amount of time. We use your existing equipment and process scenarios for training labs. The developed class solutions and processes provide immediate benefits for your company.