Basic PLC Training

PLC Basic Training Classes

Customized Basic PLC Training for Your Systems

Our classes teach employees the basic concepts of PLC controls for manufacturing automation
Siemens®, Allen-Bradley®, and Modicon®, all use ladder logic in their PLC’s or Programmable Logic Controllers.
Once employees understand how PLC works, they can create and maintain PLC programs.

Benefits of iAS Training Courses

Basic PLC Course Curriculum Sample:

  • Introduce basic PLC controls and usage in plant automation
  • Teach relay ladder logic in easy to understand format
  • Define and explain commonly used PLC terms
  • Define and explain common machine diagnostics and how to use them in a PLC program.
  • Introduce basic knowledge to advance to intermediate PLC programming

Benefits of iAS Begginer PLC Training:

Gain ROI and efficiencies for your operation
Our teaching methods are put into application quickly.
This is the first step towards empowering employees to learn.
Employees will learn lean automation processes that help improve the efficiency and productivity for your equipment while reducing stops and down-time.

Better employee knowledge retention
Employees are happiest with their careers when they are offered opportunities for growth.
Satisfaction grows in particular when they are contributing greater value while implementing new techniques learned from company provided training. This is a “win-win” for both the employer and the employee.

Why Choose iAS?

iAS custom designs programs specifically for your business
We provide hands-on training programs for better retention. Lecture formats can lose employee focus in a short amount of time. We use your existing equipment and process scenarios for training labs. The developed class solutions and processes provide immediate benefits for your company.