PLC Intermediate Training Classes

PLC Intermediate Training Classes

Intermediate PLC Training Customized For Your Systems

IAS intermediate PLC training teaches in-depth knowledge on PLC programming concepts
Our course includes immersive hands-on lab exercises.
Prerequisites for this course: Students must have taken the PLC Beginners course

Intermediate PLC Course Curriculum Sample:

  • Build, test, troubleshoot and run PLC programs using advanced instructions.
  • Learn advanced troubleshooting tools
  • Learn to download, upload, save, and copy PLC programs
  • Develop a control strategy for creating PLC programs
  • Implement Remote I/O Strategies
  • Program a functional program in Structured Text
  • Learn to program basic built-in Function Blocks (FBD)
  • Learn to modify and save existing Function Blocks
  • Define a Function Block and program it

Benefits of iAS Intermediate PLC Training:

Train PLC programmers to the advanced level
Our labs in this course are custom-designed for your organization’s equipment and processes.

Deliver Immediate ROI
IAS training offers immediate impact for manufacturing operations.
Increased efficiency improves manufacturing output using the same resources, which helps to increase company profit margins.

Better employee retention
Employees gain new skills to add value and efficiency. Employees are more satisfied when they have opportunities for personal growth. When recognized for contributing greater value this becomes a “win-win” proposition.

Why Choose iAS?

iAS custom designs programs specifically for your business.
We provide hands-on training programs for better retention. Lecture formats can lose employee focus in a short amount of time.
We use your existing equipment and process scenarios for training labs.
The developed class solutions and processes provide immediate benefits for your company.